Published work

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Online articles

  • 2019. (with S. Burton) ‘We’re not asking for the moon on a stick: Kindness & Generosity in the Academy’, Discover Society, 03 July 2019.


Guest Blogs/Social Media Posts

  • 2019. ‘Why I stayed…’ for  Drawn Poorly Zine, Issue 4 ‘Barriers’ (sold out).


Academic Journal Articles 

  • 2019. ‘First Generation Feminist? Auto-ethnographic reflections on politicisation and finding a home within feminism’,  Genealogy.


Book Chapters

  • 2018. ‘Inheriting and re-imagining rights: assessing references to a soviet past among young women in neoliberal and neoconservative Russia',  in, S. Mitroiu, (ed.) Women’s Narratives and the post memory of displacement in Central & Eastern Europe, Palgrave Macmillan.
  • 2012. ‘Women’s use of legal advice and claims in contemporary Russia: the impact of gender & class’, in. S. Salmenniemi (ed.) Rethinking Class in Russia, Ashgate.
  • 2007.  ‘Russian women’s perceptions of human rights and rights-based approaches in everyday life’, in, R. Kay (ed.) Gender, equality and difference during and after state socialism, Palgrave.



Forthcoming (2020) ‘The everyday politics of women’s rights in Russia: beyond Pussy Riot’ (under contract with Palgrave Macmillan, Gender Studies).



2013. Women's political activism in contemporary Russia: some reflections from the online sphere, Feminist & Women's Studies Association Newsletter, 61: 10-11.

And, if you are REALLY keen, you can access her PhD thesis on women’s everyday human rights in Russia (2007) here.

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