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What people say about working with me

"Overall it’s a really positive experience and I’m finding it helpful. Having you as someone neutral but supportive and informed on the PhD process has been great. Your coaching is good for accountability but also for encouragement and reminding me of the positive aspects of how I’m doing. I need this as my supervisors tend to focus on what needs doing and to take the done bits for granted, as is their job. Plus I’m not great at doing it for myself!...The workbooks have been great as although I know rationally that I need to take things in bite sized chunks previously this process has been overwhelming in itself! Having a structure that is tailor made to me and my goals to use to break tasks down is great. Its been keeping the overwhelm at bay and focusing my mind when I am usually easily distracted". Victoria, PhD Researcher, Glasgow.

"It was very helpful and reassuring to have someone read my writing and provide constructive comments. There were loads of useful suggestions for subjects I might write about and it helped me feel and really encouraged me that I could write non-fiction that others might want to read - before the sessions I really wasn't sure. It gave me the courage to admit out loud that I want to be a writer - I'd not done this before". Ellie, Alt-Academic.

"An amazing and life-affirming course!" Dr Jo Norcup, University of Warwick.

"In all ways. The ideas and exercises were great, but what surprised me most were the daily prompts. I never thought I would be able to write so much starting with a simple prompt..Vik was always super attentive and interested on how we were going, and I really appreciated that..What I personally more appreciate is that it really helped me re-connect with my own writing, in terms of mixing academic and non-academic writing". Dr Itziar Mujika, Universidad del Pais Vasco. 

"I approached Vik about a bespoke doctoral coaching session. It was honestly the most refreshing, liberating hour and I can't tell you how relieved I feel. I've come away having a clear sense of where my focus needs to be and ow best to approach the next few months with some really useful resources". Emily Lynn, PhD Researcher, Lancaster University. 



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