Client Testimonials

PostDoctoral Research Associate. 3 month package "I sought out coaching from Vik as I felt overwhelmed. Her coaching style is open and empathic. Vik understands the issues faced by women in the academy. Drawing on her own experiences and existing resources, she created an individualised programme that has transformed my engagement with my work. I no longer feel overwhelmed all the time and know what to do when that feeling starts to creep in again. As a result, I’m beginning to write more confidently and take up opportunities that would have felt too risky before. Thank you Vik!"


Dr Katy Roscoe, PostDoctoral Research Fellow. 3 month package.  "When I approached Vik, I was struggling with a sense of overwhelm as an ECR. I’d just started on a research project I’d been working towards for a long time. But rather than feeling excited, I felt a crushing sense of imposter syndrome and isolation. Vik helped transform my mindset and find a sense of ownership over my research project, that helped me ignite my joy in what I was doing and also my confidence that I was capable of doing it. Vik helped me put the outside “pressures” into perspective and to be strategic about which opportunities I wanted to follow and how they helped me. By always coming back to my “why”, I feel more confident and capable than I have in years. Vik is so approachable and incisive, helping you be the best version of you and challenging the “more is more” mindset of academia. I honestly feel like a different person! Highly recommend Vik’s coaching to anyone, but especially ECRs looking to take control over their career trajectory and not lose sight of who they are and what they have to offer as people".


Dr Lucinda Matthews-Jones, Lecturer. 3 Month Package. "I liked that Vik had been an academic and therefore had knowledge of our sector. I felt – rightly so- that Vik would be informed and focused on what it means to be an academic. I also appreciate Vik's emphasis on what it means to be a female academic. When I went onto Vik's website and Instagram, I loved the aesthetic and style...Within the conversations I felt that you have listened and responded clearly to what I need to hear. This isn’t to say that you have only said what I want to hear but rather that you’ve pushed me to look at things differently and to strip down the layers with compassion and excitement. Finally, I’ve loved the work booklets; the exercises have focused me and I’m learning a new way to think about projects."


Lecturer, 3 month package. "I liked the way you described your work and that you had experience in academia so would know the struggles and wouldn't judge them. It took me a little while to get the courage together to make contact, which you might find it helpful to know... Even with coronavrius and all the disruption it has caused for us all, I have still experienced a sense of transformative change. It's hard to put into words but I think the coaching has given me permission to inhabit the role of 'academic'. I hadn't necessarily realised that I needed some help with that. However, I feel I have moved out of a doctoral and immediately post-doctoral space and into the realisation that if I can dial down the imposter syndrome it is open to me to take my work forwards in ways that are important to me".


Victoria, Final Year PhD Student. 3 Month Package. "The workbooks have been great as although I know rationally that I need to take things in bite sized chunks previously this process has been overwhelming in itself! Having a structure that is tailor made to me and my goals to use to break tasks down is great. Its been keeping the overwhelm at bay and focusing my mind when I am usually easily distracted".


Ellie, Alt-Academia. Writing Mentoring. "There were loads of useful suggestions for subjects I might write about and it helped me feel and really encouraged me that I could write non-fiction that others might want to read - before the sessions I really wasn't sure. It gave me the courage to admit out loud that I want to be a writer - I'd not done this before".


Dr Itziar Mujika, Universidad del Pais Vasco. 4 week writing course. "I never thought I would be able to write so much starting with a simple prompt..Vik was always super attentive and interested on how we were going, and I really appreciated that..What I personally more appreciate is that it really helped me re-connect with my own writing, in terms of mixing academic and non-academic writing"


Dr Jo Norcup, Lecturer/Research Associate. 4 week writing course. "An amazing & life-affirming course!"


Emily-Jane Lynn, PhD Student. 1 hour session. "I approached Vik about a bespoke doctoral coaching session. It was honestly the most refreshing, liberating hour and I can't tell you how relieved I feel. I've come away having a clear sense of where my focus needs to be and ow best to approach the next few months with some really useful resources."



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