1-1 Coaching


I work with women academics (from PhD to mid-career) who are feeling stuck and overwhelmed in their career. Sticking points can relate to one issue, or can be a manifestation of inter-related problems.


Examples of past and current client sticking points include: managing large research and writing projects; understanding and managing employer/supervisor relations; setting boundaries and taking time; employment opportunities; promotion plans; writing research narratives; writing book proposals; planning a research pivot; planning a career change; tackling imposter syndrome; coming back to writing after a break.


You can read recent client testimonials here. 


My 1-1 coaching sessions take place via Skype, Zoom or phonecall. They are confidential, non-judgemental, and bespoke. Everything we work on is based on understanding your 'here and now' and your 'why'. 


I combine mindset work (through critical reflection) with practical planning and goal setting strategies to enable you to find clarity, regain confidence in your work, and find the creativity to reconnect with your writing and research. 


If you would like to discuss how to feel more in control of your research and work, please complete the contact form to arrange a free 20 minute consultation call. It is important to establish whether I would be a good fit for you before any coaching agreement is made. 


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