Coaching: Career & Life Pivots

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You can work with me as a coach.

I offer one-to-one online sessions and packages.

I specialise in helping you establish your best goal setting and accountability practices.

I offer bespoke coaching in my following areas:

  • academia and alt-academic careers;
  • completing large research projects (incl. PhD);
  • overcoming writing blocks;
  • managing chronic illness and working life

If you would like to try out a FREE - NO obligation -15 minute Skype consultation,  please email me at

It is important to establish how we can best work together to help you set, manage, and achieve your goals.



“I approached Vik about a bespoke doctoral coaching session. It was honestly the most refreshing, liberating hour and I can’t tell you how relieved I feel. I’ve come away having a clear sense of where my focus needs to be and how best to approach the next few months with some really useful resources” Emily Lynn, PhD Researcher, Lancaster University.

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