About Vik

Dr. Vik Turbine was a Feminist Politics Lecturer for over 10 years (2008-2019). During that time she conducted multiple qualitative research projects, published numerous articles and chapters, was a successful grant applicant, and supervised scores of dissertations (UG & PGT) and doctoral theses.

Vik left academia in May 2019 to find a better way of working that would enable her to share her expertise - and manage motherhood and chronic illness.

She set up 'The Learning Curve Collective'. The aim is to share experiences, advice, and tips for mid-career pivots- in work and in life. These learning curves are shared via her Podcast, email Newsletter, and 'The Change' blog.

Accessibility, intelligence, and candour are the name of the game here. Alongside  a healthy and passionate dose of feminist politics!

Vik is relishing her new career and is currently running her first online course, coaching clients, and writing all of the things. She is also spending much more quality time with her kids.

In her down time, she can be found drinking coffee; wearing all of the lipsticks; and cultivating her own mid-size, preloved style.