About Vik

Dr. Vik Turbine spent the last 10 years working as a Feminist Politics Lecturer. She is a published author, qualitative researcher, experienced grant writer and supervisor.

Vik left academia in May 2019 to become a freelance writer and coach.  She also wanted a better way to manage motherhood and chronic illness.

As well as building her new business, Vik is relishing spending more time with her kids. She can also be found drinking coffee; raving over the best lipsticks; and re-embracing her own mid-size, preloved style.

The Learning Curve Collective

Vik is sharing her career pivot learning curves with you via this website, a Podcast, newsletter and blog.

In addition, Vik has recently launched her first e-course 'Well/Written' and will be opening up coaching sessions and packages in August.

Everything created here is done with accessibility, intelligence, and candour in mind. As well as a healthy and passionate dose of feminist politics!