About Vik


Vik is a small town girl who somehow got to live in her dream city and carve out a life that worked for her.

She was the first in her family to go to university - and somehow ended up as an academic!

After graduating with a First Class degree, Vik spent time working in call centres, press cutting in the night, and doing market research before she applied for a PhD. 

Her research took her to Russia to interview women about their rights - and resulted in a successful academic career for over a decade. 

Vik has published widely in academic books, journals and been interviewed for various media outlets. 

She taught across all levels on feminism, human rights, and had a particular interest in critical, creative teaching methods and engagement. 

This successful career however, came to a stalling halt in 2017-18 when Vik burntout.

A combination of work-based stress, motherhood and managing the debilitating effects of stage-4 endometriosis led Vik to take time out and reassess what kind of work and life she wanted. 

Vik is now 6 months into her freelance life where she has a growing number of coaching and writing clients. She shares her extensive expertise through her services as well as her blog and occassional podcast and newsletter.

Vik lives happily in Glasgow with her family, working from home in between the school run. 

As well as her coaching and teaching work, Vik writes extensively for her blog and Medium, as well as working through the second draft of her first novel - a feminist political thriller!


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