Why coaching for career & life pivots?

Coaching can help you identify what kinds of change you are looking for – in your career and in your life.  Coaches help you to identify how to translate that change into a set of realistic and actionable goals.

Work with me as a coach if you want:

  • to make changes in or to your career;
  • are looking for someone to help you identify and set realistic goals for change;
  • have an accountability partner to help you set and stick to your plan for achieving those changes

Why work with Me?

After making a career pivot – going from a burnt out academic to a freelance writer – I transformed my life at almost 40. This change has enabled me to find a better way to manage motherhood, chronic illness, and to re-engage my creativity and politics.

My business, ‘The Learning Curve Collective’ shares my experiences and expertise gained from making these changes – large and small. If you are seeking similar change, I want to share my learning curves.  These coaching sessions help you to identify the steps and processes for change, and put your plan into action.

This all comes from a place of understanding of what it is like to feel stuck, to fear the risk of change.

What do you get in a coaching session with me?

Via a 90 minute Skype consultation, we will work through your identified areas for change; focussing on why you want that change. Next, we work on setting and planning some initial goals. The focus is on making these realistic and actionable.

In addition to the call, you will also receive a pre-session initial planning workbook (downloaded on payment) and a post-session debrief email that outlines what we discussed during the consultation – the goals you have set and the actions to take forward.  One month post consultation, we have a follow up Skype consultation (30 minutes) to keep you accountable and on track.

Other coaching services: getting unstuck with writing

I can also help you with writing.  Are you are feeling stuck, disengaged, unmotivated? I will work with you to identify your writing ‘blocks’. We will not only overcome these, but reignite your passion and purpose in writing. Please have a look at my online course ‘Well/Written’, or sign up for a writing one-to-one consultation (45 minute Skype call with email feedback on the consultation and on 1000 words of your choice).


**First sessions available 08/08/19**

email hello@vikturbine.com to book your free 15 minute pre-session consultation. Please add subject line ‘Initial coaching inquiry’.