Do you want to become ‘unstuck’ with an aspect of your writing practice?

Well/Written one-to-one consultations give you focused attention to your writing ‘blockages’. In this 45 minute Skype consultation, we will discuss what it is that is preventing you from writing, or enjoying the process of writing.  The focus is on setting realistic, actionable processes to get you reconnected to the love of writing again.

Overall, the aim of the consultation is to ensure that you are back writing with purpose, passion, and enjoyment.


Why work with me?

I am a published author and worked for 10 years as a full time, permanent academic. In addition, I have supervised writing projects for over a decade from undergraduate through to doctoral thesis level.

More recently, I have re-trained in creative writing practices and I am currently writing my first novel.

Blending my experience and expertise as an academic author and supervisor with my creative practice, I bring a holistic approach to helping your to identify, tackle, and change mindsets and habits. No more writing blocks!

What do you get?

  • A 45 minute Skype consultation where we discuss your identified writing ‘blocks’ and work to find realistic changes to your mindset, practice, and approach to writing.
  • Email feedback sheet on the issues and proposed actions we discussed.
  • You can also receive feedback on a piece of writing of your choice (up to 1000 words). This is NOT a copyediting service, and no comment on the subject content will be offered; the focus will be on clarity, expression and readability.


**First sessions available from 08/08/19**

Please email hello@vikturbine.com with the subject line ‘Well/Written one-to-one consultation’ for further information.


Of further interest

You may also wish to take part in my 4 week e-course – Well/written.